How to Activate Sodexo Meal Card, Sodexo Card Activation

Sodexo card is very useful in French food service and facilities management ltd. This Sodexo meal pass card used to give information to, What’s more, meal pass, restaurant vouchers, mobility passes, leisure passes, book cards and training vouchers all these services are available.

when you are giving for help card activation, then read this site very carefully and take information to Sodexo meal pass card activation procedure. Sodexo gives their customers to use their card facility in order for a simple transaction. By using the Sodexo meal pass card service, customers finds verity in transaction option and provide more convenience.

Sodexo Card Phone Number 1800 103 3030, Sodexo card gives superb offers and facilities to their customers like prizes, discounts, cash back schemes. To activate your Sodexo card, customers need personal information and card details.

Sodexo Card Activation
Sodexo Card Activation

How to activate Sodexo meal pass card?

There is two simple method to activate your Sodexo meal pass card.

  1. an Online method there can activate your Sodexo meal pass card.
  2. send “SMS” method can activate your Sodexo meal pass.

Activation Sodexo meal pass card via online method:

QUICK TIP: This is the first way to show an easy and secure method to activate your Sodexo pass card. but you mind it, you don’t save your PIN OR PASSWORD in any site. sodexo card activation available at the official site that we have shown below.

  1. this is the simple step to activate your card via the online method
  2. to activation, Sodexo card go to the official site to activate your Sodexo meal pass card via online method
  3. then, you fill up your personal information and get a 12digite reference number and enter captcha  image and  press then get the activation code
  4. share this activation code and complete your activation task completely.

if you have any problem to activate your Sodexo card like internet connection, server down ya other problem you can use another way to activate your card by using the phone.

it is a very simple method to activate the card by SMS to your registered mobile number.

Sodexo Card Activation Phone Number

via phone, SMS is The best and popular offline method which can you activate your card. you can only need your registered mobile number. Follow some few steps to activate your Sodexo card by SMS.

  1.  To take your personal information handy and see these fill up information.
  2. take it your registered mobile number.
  3. write SMS as format CARD <space> ACT<space> 12digit card reference Number last 4 digits  of your card numbers
  4. Sodexo Card Number from your registered Mobile Number to 1800 103 3030 or 1800 267 3030.
  5. Now, your activation Sodexo card by using SMS is finished.


  • Phone Number: ☎1800 103 3030
  • Customer service: 1800 102 2423
  • Headquarters: Issy-les-Moulineaux, France
  • Website:

About Sodexo

Sodexo is one of the famous food services and Facilities Management in France. Sodexo known as for their best food services. Sodexo established in 1966 (53 years ago). Sodexo always gives the best services to their customers. Pierre Bell on is the founder of Sodexo. Sodexo has many services such as Food Service, Facility management and Service Voucher.  Sodexo never compromises with their services.

Sodexo serves their services worldwide. The revenue of Sodexo is €16.04 billion. Sodexo plays a big role in France economy. The Headquarters of Sodexo situated at Issy-les-Moulineaux, France. Issy-les-Moulineaux, France. Sodexo always ready to serve their customers.

In this post, we give you fully correct details about Sodexo. The Subsidiaries of Sodexo are Sodexo Justice Services. Sodexo never gives bed services to their customers. Sodexo is one of the biggest food services company. Sodexo got many best awards from Govt. because of the best quality products. This is small details.

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