How to Activate ANZ Bank Credit Card, Mobile App Online Banking

Activate ANZ Bank credit card, ANZ Mobile App online banking at ANZ online services, or phone number 00 61 3 9683 743 Step by step, we will show you how to activate your ANZ Credit Card. We show you how to activate your ANZ Card using this site. If you have any issues with activating your ANZ Credit Card, or if you need help activating your ANZ Credit Card, then this post is for you.

We will show you the easiest and most straightforward way to activate your ANZ Credit Card. If you prefer to bank on your iPhone or Android smartphone, then this is the post for you! ANZ offers a mobile banking app that is outstanding. The simple and straightforward procedure to activate your Credit Card will allow you to learn more about the ANZ Credit Card Activation requirements or the customer to find out how to activate it.

ANZ Card Activation


Requirements for ANZ Credit Card Activation

  • ANZ registered Telephone Number
  • ANZ Credit Card
  • ANZ Mobile App Online Banking
  • Personal Identification

ANZ Credit Card Activation via ONLINE

Follow these steps to activate your ANZ Credit Card.

  1. The first step in activating your ANZ credit card is to login your account at ANZ INTERNET BANKING
  2. Next, enter your registered NUMBER AND PASSWORD to create your online banking account.
  3. Click on your profile, select the option ACTIVATE A Z CARD, and then press the CONTINUE button.
  4. Enter 15 to 16 digits from your ANZ card number. Click the Submit button.
  5. Click “AGREE” to accept all conditions of your ANZ Credit Card. To activate your ANZ Credit Card, click on the ACTIVATE button.
  6. Congrats!! Congratulations!

ANZ Mobile App for Mobile Banking App

You can also bank from your mobile Android or iPhone, if that’s what you prefer. ANZ offers a mobile banking app that is both free to download from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Download the ANZ Mobile App to get started with mobile banking. Apple iTunes App Store ANZ Login Banking to log in to your ANZ Bank account on iPhone. Android Play Store ANZ Login Banking App to log in to ANZ Bank on Android.

Register for the ANZ Mobile Banking app?

Here are the steps to register for ANZ App and join more than 3.7 million users who use it to manage their banking needs.

  • Step 1: Open the ‘ANZ App on your mobile device.
  • Step 2: Next, swipe through the carousel until you find and tap the “Get started” option.
  • Step 3: Next, enter your Customer Registration Number (CRN), and then tap ‘Continue’.
  • Step 4: Next you will need to select whether you wish to register with your ANZ app PIN, ANZ Internet Banking Password or Telecode (i.e. your Phone Banking PIN).
  • Step 5: Once you have chosen the option you wish to register with, you can go ahead and fill in your details to complete the registration.

Login to the ANZ app

After completing the registration, follow these steps to log in to the ANZ Mobile Banking App.

  • Step 1: To open the ANZ Mobile Banking App on your mobile device, tap on it.
  • ANZ Internet Banking Password

ANZ Credit card activation by phone number

  1. For activation of your ANZ Credit Card, dial the 1800 652 033 customer number or 00 61 3 9683 743
  2. Next, select the language you want to understand.
  3. Next, enter your personal information such as Your Name, Address and Date of Birth.
  4. Once you have completed that, enter your ANZ Credit Card Number.
  5. The instructor will notify you that your card has been activated within a very short period of time.
  6. Congratulations, your card will be available in a matter of minutes.

Your username and password should not be shared with anyone else. Keep your password and credit card secret from ANZ Credit Card.


  • Customer service: 00 61 3 9683 9999
  • Credit card number 00 6 9683 7043
  • Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia.
  • Website:

ANZ Bank Online Security Tip

  • You can get information about fraud and have your card blocked.
  • ANZ Bank Immediately File an FIR or Online Complaint. For any future requirements, do not forget to save the reference number and screenshot. ANZ security
  • Send the Cord Holder Dispute form to the bank via email or the online helpline. Talk to a representative from the bank.
  • Contact the bank if your money is being automatically deducted.
  • Do not answer any calls from someone calling you on your mobile asking for OTP.
  • Don’t share your ATM secret passwords with anyone
  • Don’t give your phone to strangers for help with calling, selfies or other purposes.

About ANZ

ANZ is the abbreviation for Australia and New Zealand Banking Group. ANZ is Australia’s largest bank. ANZ was established in March 1835. ANZ is well-known for its quick and efficient services, as well as their modern facilities. ANZ offers many financial services, including Corporate Banking, Investment Banking and Global Wealth Management. Credit cards are also available. ANZ does not compromise on their products. Shayne Elliott is the CEO of ANZ.

He is very involved in his duties. He plays a major role in the development of ANZ’s financial network. 833 Collins Street Docklands, Melbourne, Australia is the headquarters of ANZ. ANZ is known for its financial services. Here we give you some unique details about ANZ. The revenue of ANZ was $21.071 billion. This is a significant achievement for ANZ.

ANZ trades in the stock exchange ASX as ANZ, NZX and ANZ. Visit ANZ if you are still not interested in financial services. This financial service may be useful to you in the future. These are just a few details about ANZ.

Stock price: ANZ/ASX $22.59
Customer service: 00 61 3 9683 9999
CEO: Shayne Elliott, (2016)
Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia.
Founded in 1835, London, United Kingdom
Credit card number: 00 613 39683 7043

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