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This article will explain the simple steps to activate barclaycard. This post will provide information about how to activate Barclaycard. You can activate your Barclaycard online by following the Step-by-Step process. To activate, dial 0800 068 4499. Some customer-facing issues may arise during activation. Customers can activate their Barclaycard from any location and at any time.

Customers often have questions about how to activate their Barclaycard. Don’t worry, however. If the customer activates Barclaycard credit card by following this post, then the customer will be able to Card Activation within the shortest time possible. Some customers may have problems activating their card online or via the phone services.

We will try to find a solution for you and help you access your Barclaycard. To activate your card, please review the terms and requirements. Users can enjoy multiple benefits once they activate their Barclaycard. These suggestions are available to cardholders if they follow the steps and meet all requirements.

Barclaycard Activation

Barclaycard Card Requirements

  • Bank Inked Phone Number
  • Barclaycard Credit Card
  • Personal Information

Barclaycard Activation via Online

  1. First step in activating Barclaycard is to open the official Barclaycard site
  2. Click on the Card Activation option to activate your Barclaycard.
  3. You will then receive one OTP (One Time-Password), and you can enter the OTP in the box.
  4. Next, enter your 16-digit card number. Next, enter the 16 digits card number.
  5. For activation of your Barclaycard, click the Submit button.
  6. Congratulations, your Barclaycard has been activated within a very short period.

Barclaycard Activation via Phone Number

Quick Note If activating your Barclaycard online is not working for you, there are two ways to activate your Barclaycard. You can activate your Barclaycard by dialing the number.

  1. Call the Barclaycard 0800 68 4499 Customer Care Number.
  2. Listen to the instructor and choose the language you can understand.
  3. For your personal verification, please provide your personal information such as Your Name, Address, Date of Birth, and Barclaycard information like your card number and expiry date.
  4. After the instructor has notified you, verify your card and your card will be activated within a short time.
  5. Congratulations, your Barclaycard is now available for you to use immediately. You can shop and go anywhere with your Barclaycard.


  • Phone Number:Call 44 24 7684 2100
  • Customer service: 60004444
  • Headquarters: London, United Kingdom.
  • Website:

Barclaycard Online Security Tip

  • You can get information about fraud and have your card blocked.
  • Barclaycard at Bank Immediately File FIR or complain online. For any future requirements, do not forget to save the reference number and screenshot.
  • Send the Cord Holder Dispute form to the bank via email or the online helpline. Talk to a representative from the bank.
  • Contact the bank if your money is being automatically deducted.
  • Do not answer any calls from someone calling you on your mobile asking for OTP.
  • Don’t share your ATM secret passwords with anyone
  • Don’t give your phone to strangers for help with calling, selfies or other purposes.

Barclaycard Apps

This secure Barclaycard app allows you to manage your account from anywhere, anytime. You can download the app for Android free of cost. There are many more useful features in the works.

  • Check your current balance and credit available
  • Check out what you have spent, where and when.
  • Report your card stolen, lost, or damaged
  • View your digital statements
  • Check your previous payments and pay your bill
  • Manage your Direct Deposit
  • Control your credit limit
  • Activate your Barclaycard
  • You can add additional cardholders into your account
  • Transfer balances from non-Barclaycard credit cards
  • Transfer money from your Barclaycard into a UK bank account
  • Update your contact details
  • Check your PIN
  • Downloads: 10L+
  • reviews: 3.8

Terms, Conditions and restrictions apply – (

Barclaycard Business Cards are offered by Barclays Bank PLC, which is authorized by the Prudential Regulation Authority. It is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as well as the Prudential Regulation Authority Registered In England, No. 1026167. Registered Office: 1 Churchill Place in London, E14 5HP

About Barclaycard

Barclaycard is a well-known UK payment provider and credit card company. Barclaycard is well-known for its quick payment services. Barclaycard was established in 1966. Barclaycard provides the highest quality services to its customers. Barclaycard’s headquarters is located in London, England, United Kingdom. Barclaycard primarily served their services in Worldwide.

Barclaycard is uncompromising in its services. Barclaycard is always available to help people. Barclaycard offers two products: Contactless Technology and Credit Cards. Barclaycard manages both of these services very well. We offer some exclusive details in this post. Barclaycard has confirmed that the acquisition was completed in 2014. Barclaycard received many awards from the US government.

Because of their fast payment provider services. We have all the facts about Barclaycard. A question for readers. Please read the following post Barclaycard. You can easily read this article about Barclaycard if you pay attention.

Headquarters: Northampton (United Kingdom)
Barry Rodrigues is the CEO, (2017)
Barclays Founder
1968, United Kingdom.

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