How to Activate ICICI Bank Credit Card through Mobile Banking

ICICI Credit Card Activation is not a problem. There is a simple way to activate ICICI credit cards. Although users can activate ICICI credit cards on other websites, it is difficult and lengthy. This post will show the quickest way to activate ICICI Credit Card. You can activate your ICICI card by reading our post. It is very simple to do so. ICICI Credit Card Activate by Phone Number: 9021667777.

ICICI Bank offers multiple options to activate your credit card. PIN generation is the most crucial step in activating your credit card. You should be able to activate your new ICICI Bank card once you have received it. Continue reading to learn how to activate your ICICI credit card.

ICICI Bank Credit Card Activation



There are two ways to activate ICICI credit cards activation. The two methods are very simple and anyone can activate them.

This is the fastest and most efficient way to activate your ICICI credit cards.

How to Activate ICICI Bank Credit Card via Internet Banking

Register for the Net Banking service to generate your PIN the first time you use the Internet Banking facility. For PIN generation, existing Internet Banking customers will need to link their credit cards to the same account.

Registering for net banking is easy. Follow the steps below to register.

  1. Here to Go to the ICICI Bank Online Banking Portal. Then click on Login
  2. Click on “Get User ID” to proceed. Follow the steps and  proceed.
  3. Click the Credit Card option
  4. Enter your Credit Card Number or Registered Mobile Number to enter the OTP
  5. ICICI Bank the login page again and click on Get Password
  6. Enter the User ID and Registered Number to receive the OTP.
  7. Create a new password

If they follow these steps, first-time customers will be able to register their credit card with the bank. To activate ICICI Credit Card, registered users should follow the below steps.

  1. On the left-hand menu, click on Credit Card
  2. Click on to ‘Generate now’ in the Credit card PIN section.
  3. Enter CVV into the Credit card Number
  4. Click on Submit to check your mobile number.
  5. Enter the OTP you received with the NEW PIN

The ICICI Bank credit-card PIN will then be generated, and your credit card activated.

Activate ICICI Bank Credit Card via Mobile Banking

You can also activate ICICI credit cards through mobile banking. Follow these steps to create a PIN via mobile app.

  • Log in using your User ID/Password/PIN
  • Go to Services
  • Select Card Pin Services then Credit Cards PIN Generation
  • Choose the Card that you want to activate
  • Enter the Credit card PIN to check the mobile phone number
  • Click on “Submit”

Now you have successfully generated a pin for your ICICI credit cards.

How do I activate my ICICI credit card via ATM?

To generate a credit card PIN, follow the steps below:

  1. You can slide your card into the machine to choose the language you prefer
  2. Now, tap on “PIN Generation”
  3. To successfully change your PIN, follow the instructions on the screen

Activate ICICI Credit Card Phone number:

  • Call the customer service number below to activate your ICICI credit cards by phone or offline.
  • Call the customer service to provide your personal details such as your full name, address, and date of birth.
  • You first need to provide your personal details. Next, enter your card details such as your 16-digit card number, your CVV code, card type, etc.
  • Once you have completed all of the steps, the ICICI customer service officer will inform you that your ICICI card activation has been completed.
  • If you are having trouble activating your ICICI credit cards, you can use the online option to activate them.


  • Phone Number:- +866-424-2448
  • Headquarters:- 500 5th Ave, New York, NY 10110, USA.
  • Website:-

ICICI Bank Online Security Tip

  • You can get information about fraud and have your card blocked.
  • ICICI at Bank Immediately File FIR or Complaint Online. For any future requirements, do not forget to save the reference number or screenshot. ICICI security
  • Send the Cord Holder Dispute form to the bank via email or the online helpline. Talk to a representative from the bank.
  • Contact the bank if your money is being automatically deducted.
  • Do not answer any calls from someone calling you on your mobile asking for OTP.
  • Avoid using apps such as AnyDesk and TeamViewer mobile operating systems with unknown persons. This could lead to theft of all your money.
  • Don’t share your ATM secret passwords with anyone
  • Don’t give your phone to strangers for help with calling, selfies or other purposes.

About ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank, an Indian multinational bank, is one example. ICICI Bank is very well-known in India. ICICI Bank was established 25 years ago in 1994. ICICI Bank offers their services worldwide. ICICI Bank offers many banking products, including Retail Banking, Corporate Banking and Private Banking. Wealth Management is also available.

ICICI Bank is known for providing the best banking services. ICICI Bank offers many top-notch banking services to its customers. Sandeep Bakhshi is the CEO of ICICI Bank. We provide all the correct information about ICICI Bank in this post. ICICI Bank is part of a large banking network. ICICI Bank boasts 4867 branches and 14417 ATMs. This is a huge feat for any Indian bank.

The Indian economy is dominated by ICICI Bank. The revenue of ICICI Bank amounts to 72,385 million. ICICI Bank trades on the stock exchange under BSE: 532174 and NSE: ICICI BANK. ICICI Bank trades strong on the stock exchange.

ICICI Bank has been ranked in the top and largest banking institutions in India. ICICI Bank is represented in many places across India. This page contains all the information you need about ICICI Bank. Please read the following post attentively. If you take the time to read, you will be able to understand.

Customer service: 1860 120 7777
CEO: Sandeep Bakhshi, (2018)
Headquarters: Vadodara
Vadodara, 1994.
Employees: 97,354, (2020)

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