How To Activate OCBC Credit Card, Apply for Card Online

OCBC cardholders are able to Activate OCBC Bank Card here you can also activate the OCBC Card by calling the OCBC Card Activation number 1800-363-3333. OCBC Online Banking site or OCBC Mobile Banking, If you encounter any difficulties regarding OCBC card Activation, Then please adhere to the steps we will show you.

We will show you the ways and steps in order to enable your OCBC Bank Account. There are numerous other websites which provide lengthy and complex methods of activating your OCBC Card.

OCBC Card Activation


Requirements for OCBC Card Activation

To enable OCBC Card activation, The user requires to present the OCBC Bank Card, whether on hand or via email. Address, Card Number on the proof and other personal identification details. CVV number, card number, card expiry date etc. are the basic things that cardholder will require when they activate the card.

OCBC Card Activation via Online

The card customers require an online account if they wished to activate the debit card online at

  1. Visit the official site of OCBC Card Activation Here
  2. After that, you must enter the last 8 numbers of your card number, expiry date as well as the NRIC/Passport number. Captcha Verification in order to activate your, OCBC Card.
  3. Then, the customer has to mark one of the boxes of the policy agreement. After that, click the Next button, and move forward.
  4. Then you have followed the steps, just follow the prompts for activating the OCBC Card.
  5. Accept the conditions and terms set forth in the terms and conditions of credit card company and your credit card will be accessible in the near future.

OCBC Card Activation Via Phone Number:- 1800-363-3333

Card users can also confirm the OCBC card or credit card by calling the OCBC card activation number.

  1. Dial 1800-363-3333which OCBC Card Activation Phone Number.
  2. Pay attention to the options available and select the option to activate your card.
  3. Give your personal information and card information according to instructions on the phone.
  4. You must agree to the OCBC Card use terms and conditions, after having listened carefully and within a few minutes the OCBC card should be available to use.


  • Phone Number:Call 1800-363-3333
  • Headquarters: Singapore
  • Website:

To activate your OCBC Card by going to an OCBC Branch

If you are having trouble activating your credit card through the internet or by phone, call the nearest OCBC Branch to activate your card.

Users must visit any nearby OCBC Branch in order to activate the OCBC Card. On the OCBC cardholder’s convenience, they will receive help by a customer service representative executive in order to activate your OCBC card. Executive will review your personal information in the system and activate your OCBC Credit Card.

OCBC Card Online Security Tips

  • If you learn of any type of fraud If your credit card has been stolen or lost, immediately notify your bank and have your card blocked.
  • OCBC is at Bank Immediately file FIR or complain online. Be sure to note its reference number or a screenshot to meet any future requirements. OCBC security
  • Send this Cord Holder Dispute Form to the relevant bank via email or through the online helpline. Contact a representative of the bank.
  • If you are having your money taken out automatically, then your ATM card needs to be blocked by contact with the bank.
  • If a call is received on your mobile phone and asks to enter an OTP Don’t give out any information.
  • Avoid using apps such as AnyDesk as well as TeamViewer mobile operating systems with unidentified people, this, someone could get all the money in your account.
  • Do not divulge your ATM secret password with anyone.
  • Do not divulge your mobile phone to anyone you don’t know to make calls or selfies, or for any assistance

About OCBC

OCBC Bank is one of the most renowned financial institutions in Singapore. OCBC is the short form for of the Oversea-Chinese Bank Corporation. OCBC Bank was established in 1932. OCBC Bank known as for their fastest service. Samuel Tsien is CEO of OCBC Bank. He is honest in his work. The Headquarters of OCBC Center, Singapore. OCBC Bank has many financial services, including Private Banking, Investment Management, Asset Management and many more.

OCBC Bank never compromised with their services. OCBC Bank always gives best services to their customers. Because of their speedy and excellent service, OCBC Bank got many recognitions from the government. The annual revenue for OCBC Bank is US$10.1 billion. OCBC Bank plays a big part on its role in the Country Financial economy.

OCBC Bank never gives bed services to its customers. OCBC Bank is a public type Financial group. OCBC Bank is only named sufficient to be able to bank in Singapore. It is the main OCBC Bank area served in Asia-Pacific. In this article, we provide essential details regarding stepwise. OCBC Bank has all service accessible digitally.

There were mobile apps for personal use. Customers can access all the services on their smartphones. Here are some interesting facts regarding OCBC Bank. If you’re keen in knowing the details regarding OCBC Bank than must visit the official website of OCBC Bank.

Price of stock: (SGX) SGD 11.48
Revenue: 1,014 Cr, SGD
CEO: Helen Wong (2021)
Headquarters: Singapore
Employees: 30,000
Founder: Lee Kong Chian.

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