PayPal Card Activation, Activate PayPal Debit/Credit Card

Online PayPal Payments system Unable To Activate PayPal Card. This article is going to help you with PayPal card activation. These are quick notes that will help you activate your PayPal Debit Card. Although you may be excited to activate your PayPal Card, it is essential to follow these simple steps.

Card Activation This post will provide you with basic knowledge about the terms and requirements for card activation. You can activate your card in a few easy steps.

PayPal Card Activation

Prerequisites To Activate Your PayPal Card

To activate PayPal Card, the User must have the Card in hand or by email. Card Number, Address Proof and other personal identification data. CVV number, card number, card expiry date etc. These are the things that card customers will need to activate their card.

Activating PayPal Debit Cards Online

The card customers require an online account PayPal Card Activation if they wished to activate the debit card online at

    1. Go to the Online Activation PayPal link.
    2. Go to your profile and choose Profile settings.
    3. Select the My money option that interests you.
    4. Click Edit. Choose the card option that you want to activate. Then click Get Activated.
    5. Enter the required card Details, and click activate Card.
  1. You will soon be able access your card if you agree to the terms of debit card services.

Activation of a PayPal Card by Phone: +1-800-314-88298

Customers with PayPal cards can also verify their PayPal debit or credit cards by calling the PayPal card activation telephone number. PayPal Card Activation. If you experience difficulties activating the debit cards online, you may activate them by calling customer service.

To activate the debit card, please follow these steps.

    1. Call 1-800-314-8298 to activate your PayPal debit card.
    2. Take the time to listen and select the right option to activate your debit card.
    3. Give card information and other personal details, as directed over the phone. PayPal Card Activation
    4. After carefully listening, I agree to the PayPal Debit Card use terms and conditions. Soon your debit card can be accessed.


  • Call Number:- 1-800-314-8298
  • Customer service:- 1800 419 9833
  • Website:-

About PayPal

PayPal USA. company that operates worldwide online payments. PayPal was founded December 1999. PayPal’s predecessor(s), Confinity and PayPal, were both established. PayPal is a leading online payment platform. PayPal is a Public-Type Business. PayPal is headed by Dan Schulman.

PayPal headquarters is located at 2211 North First Street San Jose, California, U.S. PayPal offers quick services to its customers. PayPal is the preferred method of payment, PayPal is a huge revenue industry. PayPal has a revenue of US$13.094 Billion. PayPal was available in nearly every country. You will find all details regarding PayPal in this article.

PayPal has many divisions such as PayPal, Inc, PayPal PTE, PayPal PPI. Ltd (3PL), Holdings, (PPLUX), PayPal Payments PTE. PayPal was awarded many US awards. govt. Because of their online payment services. PayPal also has subsidiaries Braintree and Radiant as well as Room Corporation, iZettle, and Room Corporation. We provide important information on PayPal.

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