How to Activate Sears Credit Card and MasterCard

Activate Sears Credit Card and Sears MasterCard It is an easy task to do this site or via Citibank online retail services. If you’ve recently acquired a Sears Card and wants to activate your Sears Card, then this post will surely assist you to activate your card using easy and straightforward steps. This article will help you through Sears MasterCard Activation.

You can activate your Sears card in just 10 minutes after studying this post. Follow the easy instructions in this post in order to make your account active. The services offered by Sears Credit Card and MasterCard are offered under Citi group. Thus, when you use when you activate your card, Activation is one of the benefits when you use this card.

Your brand new Sears Credit Card will be at hand to make purchases in a matter of minutes, regardless of which method you choose in order to make it active. Citibank doesn’t have a time limit that you have to meet to start activating your credit card, however it’s recommended to do it as quickly as you can.



Secure payment options, easy purchase reward points, cashback rewards, credit points, as well as many other advantages with this card.

When you are activating your card, you will be obliged to carry your credit card or Mastercard in your hand. Card as well as Mastercard in your hands to input card information such as Card number, the name of the Card or Mastercard, the SSN code of the principal card user as well as other personal information.

You can activate Sears Card Online and Activate the Sears Card Online and activating Sears Card by phone call. Sears Card by phone calling are two options customers of the card may activate Sears credit card or MasterCard. You can select either method according to your preference.

Activate Sears Credit Card or MasterCard Online

To activate your credit card, it’s required that you own the card granted by Citibank and that you are a legally registered cardholder. When you activate your card, make sure to keep the card in your hands.

  • Visit the official website of Citibank retail services, click the link below
  • Enter your Card number, the name on your Card, and your last four digits from the SSN number of your primary cardholder.
  • Input other personal information to protect your identity and then enable your card.
  • It will get activated shortly, after which you’ll be informed of the successful activation.

Short Note: If you’re in a position to not make an online activation due any reason, then you can also activate your card via a telephone call.

Sears Credit Card Activation by Phone Number

If you’ve entered your telephone number into the retail card service It will be simple for you to make your credit card active using the number. Since you will be required to input your card’s details and card number, it is advised to keep the card in your pocket.

customer care number: 1800 815 7701

  • Call this Sears Card Number for Activation Online 1800 589 727
  • Pay attention to the auto-instructed points, then select the option to activate the credit card.
  • It is mandatory to input your card’s details as well as any other details when you are requested.
  • Pay attention to the conditions and terms provided by Sears Credit card services. Read the terms and conditions of Sears Credit card service carefully and then agree to the terms and conditions.
  • When you are done with the call, you’ll be notified that you are able to use your card immediately, and you can use the card wherever you’d like.

Allow you to activate your card online. Click here


Phone Number: Call 1800 815 7701




About Sears

Sears is one of the most famous stores of goods within the United States and is a fully owned affiliate to the Sears holding company. Sears was established in 1886, is a well-known department store chain. It is one of the longest-running department store chains. Richard Warren Sears & Alvah Curtis Roebuck are the creators of Sears.

Sears has a long and successful history and has broadened their brand to encompass brands such as Kmart, Kenmore, Craftsman and Diehard. The headquarters of Sears are located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, United States. Sears have extensive experience in retailers. One of the most important developments has been that Sears has joined forces to work with Citibank, which is part of Citigroup Inc.

to provide customers with three different types of credit cards that offer a unique benefits and rewards. Sears is a great retailer for customers, and they continue to strive towards improving their services to their customers. Sears credit cards are beneficial to everyone.

Sears began with just one outlet and nowadays, Sears has 506 Outlets. Sears offers various products, including clothes, jewelry shoes tools, footwear, and more. Sears do not sacrifice their products. In this article, we give you the details about Sears.

Headquarters: Hoffman Estates, Illinois, USA.
Founded: 1893, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
President: Joelle Maher
Revenue: US$13.8 billion, (2016)

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