How to Activate SunTrust Debit Card & Phone Number

SunTrust Debit Card Online Banking Activation and activation. SunTrust customers can activate their debit card at by calling SunTrust Card activation Phone Number (877.432.1824). To activate your debit card, select the appropriate option and enter card details.

SunTrust Debit Card activation is what primary users must do in order to use their card. SunTrust Online, or dial 1-800-337-1140 to activate your SunTrust debit card phone number. You might be confused about how to or other related issues that concern SunTrust Bank Activation. If you are having problems with SunTrust Bank activation, you can read this post.

SunTrust Bank Card Activation


Requirements to SunTrust Debit Card Activation

  • SunTrust Online Banking accounts are required if the user wishes to activate the debit card online.
  • If you want to activate your debit card for the phone, you will need an associated phone number.
  • SunTrust Debit Card
  • Your Debit Card Number
  • Your Social Security number.
  • Your identification details.
  • Your Debit card user details.

SunTrust Debit Card activation Online

  1. First, activate your SunTrust Debit. Open the SunTrust Official Site
  2. Next, enter your username/password to activate your SunTrust Debit Card.
  3. Search the option MANAGE to activate your card.
  4. Next, enter the required information as well as your 16-digit card number at your card back site.
  5. After completing your personal information, you can activate your SunTrust Debit Card.
  6. You will then receive one code to your registered number.
  7. Enter the code you have received.
  8. Your SunTrust debit card will now be activated and available for use.

Suntrust Debit Card Activation via Phone Number

If debit card holders want to activate their debit card, they must have registered their telephone number to the bank account. 877.432.1824 This is the SunTrust Debit Card activation phone number that users must dial. These are the steps and instructions to activate your SunTrust Debit Card.

  1. Number to activate the SunTrust debit card
  2. Pay attention and choose the correct option to activate your debit card.
  3. After that, enter your details, including your card number.
  4. Once you have done that, accept the terms and conditions of your card as directed.
  5. Your SunTrust Debit Card activation will take less than a minute and you’ll be able to access it within minutes.


About SunTrust

SunTrust is a well-known American Bank Holding Company. SunTrust is a well-known American banking company. SunTrust was founded in 1891. It is the oldest bank in America. SunTrust Plaza is the headquarters of SunTrust, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.

SunTrust offers many top-quality services to its customers. SunTrust’s CEO is William H. Rogers, Jr. He is honest in his duties. SunTrust strives to provide quick and unique services to its customers. SunTrust branches are available in all corners of the USA. SunTrust boasts a large banking network in the USA. SunTrust operates 1400 branches and 2160 ATMs.

SunTrust is proud of this achievement. SunTrust does not offer bed services to its customers. SunTrust has received many awards from the US Govt for its best banking products and services.

SunTrust’s revenue is US$8.2 million. SunTrust’s name is not sufficient to describe the banking group. There are many US banking groups, but SunTrust offers something different. They provide quick service to their customers. Here we give you some unique details about SunTrust.

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
CEO: William H Rogers Jr (2012)
Founded: 1891
Employees: 22,899 (2018)

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